Con site, maps and Jyväskylä

Con sites

Building L Maps

Floor 1 (larger image):

Translations: Pääovi = Main Entrance, Narikka = Cloak Room, Ensiapu = First Aid; Vahtimestarit = Ushers, Ohjelmasaleihin = Rooms with Con Programming, Hissi = Elevator.

Floor 2 (larger image):

Translations: 1. krs = First floor, 3. krs. = Third floor, Kahvila = Café, Hissi = Elevator, Scifi-kirppis = Science fiction book flea market, Lautapelit = Board Games, Työpaja = Workshop, Lastenhoitotila = Room for Con visitors with small children.

Floor 3 (larger image):

Translations: 2. krs = Second Floor, Turvan toimisto = Security, Hissi = Elevator


Jyväskylä is a lovely city for walking, and the campus area is great for Finncon. The oldest Nordic arts festival, Jyväskylän Kesä, brings life and lovely things to the Finnish culture scene, including Finncon 2019 which it supports.

Walking is the recommended mode of transportation, but you can get to the Con site also by bus from the city centre.

There will be signs guiding visitors in the right direction from the University library and main building C. Yliopisto 1 and Yliopisto 2 are the closest bus stops (right next to Bulding L).


Closest ATM is about 700 metres away, at the grocery store K-Market Ruokavinkki (Voionmaankatu 7). Heading downtown, the first ATM can be found at Bank Nordea about 1200 from the Con site (Kauppakatu 18).

Parking and buses

We don’t have available parking space and supervision is very efficient, so we suggest leaving your car home or at hotel. The nearest parking spaces are Hippos-halli sport center (Kuntoportti 3) and P-Cygnaeus (Vapaudenkatu 35).

Bus stops Yliopisto 1 and Yliopisto 2 are on street Keskussairaalantie right next to Building L. They can be reached from the city centre with bus lines 7, 12, 14, 16 and 21. Bus timetables are available at Finncon Info Desk and online. The next closest bus stops are Kirjasto and Pitkäkatu.

However, University of Jyväskylä is near the city center, so walking is highly recommended.


There are several hotels in Jyväskylä. Due to the Jyväskylän Kesä Festival taking place at the same time as Finncon, it is advisable to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Close to the campus and Con site, there are Hotel Alba and hostel The Local. Affordable accommodation is available in summer hotel Rentukka in Student Village Kortepohja. You may check other options for example via Visit Jyväskylä website or AirBnB.